Tuesday, December 6th, 2011


Flawless Winter Look | Day Time

Daylook2 Flawless Winter Look | Day Time
Creating a perfect day look during the winter is all about one thing: Skin. Just when you finally manage to collect a full collection of makeup that won’t melt off in the heat of summer, along comes winter to throw a whole new set of problems, well, in your face. The symptoms come just as quickly as the sudden drops in temperatures. Everything’s fine then one morning, BAM; chapped lips, splotchy skin, dull complexion. Every season is different, so it often takes a while to purchase new products that will get you looking healthy and radiant again. But fear not, dear reader, we’re  here to streamline the process with a winter-ready day look and cosmetics, direct from and inspired by the runway,  to keep you ready for your close-up.

DayLook Flawless Winter Look | Day Time

Foundation: It’s not matte. It’s not dewey. It’s luminous. That’s what you’re going for this winter. That glow that makes you look healthy and awake, without appearing greasy. To help your skin look like you’re wearing nothing at all, while still providing full coverage for a perfect complexion, use Teint Innocence by Chanel. The naturally luminous compact is oil free and glides on evenly . This medium coverage foundation illuminates your natural skin tone, making you look like you’ve had perfect, radiant skin all along.

Cheeks: There’s a reason Nars’ Orgasm blush continues to fly off shelves. It’s absolutely the perfect color for almost every skin tone. It’s a peachy pink with a slight golden shimmer, perfect for winter, when a brighter pink might come off as a bit juvenile, and anything with more red or brown looks harsh. For day, this blush does exactly what a good blush should; make you look flushed, which is, after all, a sign of arousal and therefore attractive to the opposite sex. How scandalous.

Eyes: There are times when a dramatic, lined eye is all you need to make a statement. Daytime isn’t one of those. There’s no need to hide behind layers of heavy eye makeup this winter; let your natural beauty shine through. Bobbi Brown’s Party Eye Palette has six alluring colors that are soft, pretty and sheer for daytime, but can be layered for night. The champagne, gold and copper shades compliment all skin tones and make your eyes look bright and alert.

This is a look that let your lashes demand all the attention. Make your peepers pop with Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Lashes mascara. The brush is con-shaped, which makes application very easy and smooth, and you can use the small end to coat the hard to reach lashes in the corners of your eyes. It extends, lifts and volumizes  lashes all at the same time. We like it because it does al this without smudging (even if your eyes water a lot) but also comes off easily with warm water. Since you know there’s nothing worse than getting the perfect look then having it smear under your lash-line the second you leave the house.

Lips: Simple is the name of the game with this look. We’re so glad nude is still in, because we’re obsessed. If you’re not greatly fond of your lip color, you can choose the nude shade that you think looks best on you. Just, please; don’t go too light! It’s still 2011 after all. And remember, if nothing else, wear a moisturizing balm or ol’ faithful Carmax. Don’t give the chilly winds even one opportunity to suck the life out of naked lips. Once they’re dry, it’s a long road back to beautiful, so take precaution.

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Friday, December 2nd, 2011


LOLA Hotel Opens in Manhattan: “What LOLA wants, LOLA gets”

kjhk LOLA Hotel Opens in Manhattan: What LOLA wants, LOLA getsThe new Lola hotel opened last night with a *pop* and the bubbly new hotel is sure to be one of Manhattan’s swankiest new hot-spots. With an extravagant and luxurious lobby, the Lola celebrates the fun, adventurous women of New York. Built in what used to be the Martha Washington hotel, a safe-haven for women almost a decade ago, then transformed into the hotel Thirty Thirty, the new digs still  feel like home to the feisty women of the 20s who roamed its halls.

The lobby, designed by Susan Jaques who tapped iconic photographer Matthew Rolston to create the room’s lighting scheme and advise on the artwork, has a bubbly aesthetic that represents something both safe and fun for women of the past, present, and future, including a breathtaking chandelier composed of 80 glossy spheres.

Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg was in attendance, which seemed fitting, since Lola seems like just the type of place Chuck Bass might stop by for a martini or a secret rendezvous with Blair Waldorf.

Guests were entertained by four “Lola’s”, who wandered the party introducing themselves to patrons as they sipped champagne. As they reminded party-goes (in song), “What Lola wants, Lola gets!” Which is exactly how guests should expect to be treated during their stay; a lavish, luxurious experience is waiting for fulfill all their Manhattan desires.

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Monday, November 21st, 2011


Flawless Face with @MAKEUPFOREVERUS

makeupforever2  Flawless Face with @MAKEUPFOREVERUS

Let’s begin this review by letting you know that I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder. I blame my mother and the fact that I was a ballet dancer. She kept all my stage makeup in a giant Kaboodle (remember those?!) that we’d pull out several times a year. Subsequently, I ended up never throwing anything away, just in case I would need 4 different types of lipstick or glitter for a certain role the next year. I’m often told by my friends that I should wear more makeup sometimes (a prefer a soft, natal look) yet I own more mascaras and eyeshadows than anyone I know. My blush count is currently at 7. Because of the stage, I’ve been trying out different brands of makeup since I was 3, and there are several things I had yet to find: A perfect mascara, and a perfect eye primer.

Well praise Aphrodite, because I’ve finally found it. After testing out Make Up For Ever Professional’s “Wild & Chic” best of kit I can start thinning out my bulging makeup bag.

First off, let’s talk about the kit as a whole. It’s intended to give you everything you need to create a “flawless face”. As a concealer addict, I’d have to disagree, but sure, I’ll play. The kit includes an HD microperfecting primer, an Aqua cream for eyes and cheeks, A pearly pink beige lip gloss, a travel size Aqua Eyes black eyeliner, HD microfinish powered, and a Smokey Lash extra black mascara.

Until now, I’ve used Benefit’s That Gal primer, and while I love the glow it gives my skin, I sometimes doubted how well it would work. The primer in this kit actually feels a bit sticky, which gave me complete confidence in its ability to hold up against the elements (East coast humidity and my constant eye-rubbing). I usually have to do touchups at about 4:00 every day, but when I went to check on it, I didn’t need to do anything. I’ve always thought I just had the kind of skin that makeup magically disappeared from, but this time it stayed put.

Second miracle product is the Smokey Lash mascara. I have invisible blonde eyelashes, but this lengthened and thickened them. You don’t really even need to put on a second coat, but at night it’s a great way to get dramatic lashes. Best of all, it doesn’t disappear or flake off during the day, but still comes off easily with warm water. No smearing or smudging, even if your eyes water a bit throughout the day like mine. I’ve been a devout Lancome mascara fan, which I’ll still use if I want a dewy lash look, but for day-to-day, I’m a Smokey Lash convert.

I hate using waterproof eyeliner, but because my eyes water, I usually do.  It never draws right and it a pain to get off unless you have a good remover and a Q-Tip handy. I like this eyeliner because it goes on smooth and stays without smudging. It’s not quite as dark as I’d like unless I do two layers, but still a great option for daytime.

While beauty editors claim every other month that dewy skin is either in or out (can’t we all just agree on this for a whole season?) I like a little bit of a glow sometimes, especially if I haven’t slept and my skin is looking dull, which is often. The Aqua cream is create to spread on cheekbones or brow bones to give a crisp, awake look. And it’s not too heavy, so it blends easily and won’t look like a stripe of glitter.  The lip gloss fits into the same category for me, though I’m not big on lipgloss. A tiny bit is all you really need to wake up a bit. The colors of these two products compliment each other well so it looks very pretty and not at all forced. Don’t use too much though. It’s pretty thick and looks a little cheap because it contains sparkles.

The only real weakness in the set is the microfinish power. I’ve never been convinced that finishing powders actually do anything, and this didn’t convince me otherwise. It just felt like an extra layer on my face. However, this may just all be in my cynical little mind, but I’d prefer something I could actually see working. Additionally, the idea of anything making my skin look “HD” is a bit terrifying, even when I don’t yet have wrinkles.

If you’re looking for a quick way to wake up your skin this winter, without buying and trying a department store’s worth of products, Make Up For Ever’s “Wild and Chic” makeup kit is a quick and guaranteed way to freshen up.

The Make Up For Ever “Wild and Chic” best of kit sells at Sephora for $55 ($103 value).

*A sample of the product was provided for a review

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Monday, November 21st, 2011


Label Love | Nicole vs. Gwyneth in Stella McCartney

SMfaceoff Label Love | Nicole vs. Gwyneth in Stella McCartney

Gwyneth and Stella McCartney may be very close friends, but Nicole Kidman beat her to the punch by debuting a pieces from Stella’s spring 2012 first. A few days later, the blonde actress showed up to Coach’s 70th anniversary event even in a blue, shorter style while in Beijing. Both went for straight locks, but Gwyneth’s legs are stealing the show for us. But then again, Nicole does have a spunky pair of green earrings on that offset both her hair color and the color of the dress in a fun and unexpected way.
It looks like it’s a tie on this end. What do you think? Who rocked the SM look the most? Tell us in the comments.

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Friday, November 18th, 2011


Tweet this Giveaway | @AndreWalkerHair for Distressed Tresses

walker Tweet this Giveaway | @AndreWalkerHair for Distressed Tresses

Summer is over, guys. And we’re sure you’ve already increased the amount of blow-drying you do. For shame! Not to worry, though. You know we are right there with you. Oprah’s personal stylist Andre Walker has a line of hair products that will make and keep your hair beautiful, even if you’ve been less than nice to it recently. If you know anything about Oprah’s Favorite Things, you know this is something you should get your hands on pronto. The products contain generous amounts of Keratin, which is like food for your hair.

“Over my 25 years of styling experience, I have seen everything wrong you could ever do to hair,” said Andre. “This TKO formulation was created as a high-impact repair treatment that immediately returns vital nutrients and emollients back into damaged hair follicles to promote the health, luster and the peace everyone wants
with their hair.” according to Andre Walker

We’re giving away THREE sets of product to three lucky readers from the Andre Walker haircare collection. Each winner gets one bottle of Quench-essential Q-oil and one pack of TKO Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Made from the purest Virgin Argan Oil of Morocco, the light, easy to use Q-oil absorbs instantly into the hair, creating amazing shine. Your hair will be easier to manage, stronger, and smoother with just a little applied to your driest areas every day. Perfect for the days your hair looks dull and dry. Then, there’s the extraordinary, extreme moisture repair, hair mask that functions like a salon quality intense conditioning treatment! With intracellular proteins and fine raw ingredients, it helps knock out environmental surface and heat damage, dryness and breakage issues while restoring luster and nourishing the hair with keratin, moroccan argan oil, aloe, olive oil and other saturating, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients. So start tweeting! You know you need this stuff right about now.

To win a free bottle, Tweet this Giveaway @POSHGLAM, tell us your winter hair woes in the comments…and email your name number and address, along with a snapshot to: Taryn@POSHGLAM.com with “Andre Walker Hair” in the subject, the readers will be selected at random, and announced on twitter (with photo).

*Giveaway Deadline December 2nd.

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