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Friday, January 16th, 2015

Fashion, Luxury, POSHGLAM

The Style Contingent, Your Source for Curated Vintage | Free Shipping “POSHGLAM”

 The Style Contingent, Your Source for Curated Vintage | Free Shipping POSHGLAMThe Style Contingent brings you a series of carefully curated collections of vintage, one of a kind originals, throwback, revival and designer archives. They travel the world sifting through endless racks of style history to find those life changing wardrobe pieces. Some call it an art, they call it an obsession. What used to only be available to a select base of private clients has now expanded and you will have access to their rare finds through their vintage Little Black Dress Boutique on Etsy, readers get free shipping until January 31st with “POSHGLAM” code.

The Style Contingent was founded by veteran fashion curator, Desiree Ontiveros in 2012 when a collection of luxury labels and rare vintage finds organically evolved into working daily with fashion industry professionals providing wardrobe rentals for television, film, music videos, advertising and red carpet projects. The Style Contingent granted access to the collection with the public through fashion for hire services where guests can rent one of a kind pieces coveted by their style icons at a fashion exhibition in Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Since then, The Style Contingent is always on the road sourcing the best in vintage and revival from amazing cities and their vintage stores to estate sales. They treasure hunt and curate so that you don’t have to. The Style Contingent serves as the go to personal vintage shopping resource to private clients only, but the little black dress boutique is open to the public.

About The Little Black Dress Boutique:

Black is the new black and you can never have too many dresses in your wardrobe. The Style Contingent brings you a selection of everything from classic to cocktail little black dresses year round through one of their favorite marketplaces for vintage finds, Etsy. They keep the collection well edited so unless its serves to inspire, it doesn’t make the list. Dresses can be anything from 1950’s Dior to no-label fabulous cut LBD, they do not discriminate against brand, they embrace cut, fabric and style.

The Style Contingent would like to invite you to come adventure with them as they find stylish treasures from city to city and uncover stories within the archives of the most hidden gems of vintage collectors and retailers in the world.

Inventory changes often, so check back or follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to find out when new inventory arrives.

For more information contact Desiree at Desiree@TheStyleContingent.com

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015


First Date No-no’s: Check Please or Back to Mine Please?

First Date First Date No nos: Check Please or Back to Mine Please?

Ahhh, first dates. Sweaty arm pits, too many cocktails and the promise of eternal love, marriage and a truck load of babies. Sound familiar? First dates can be exhilarating and let’s face it, who doesn’t like buying new heels you can’t afford and walking into a restaurant to your own personal theme song playing in your head…Baby Got Back? I think so!

But let’s not forget, for all those first date butterflies, you also have an equal chance of meeting American Psycho or Glenn the Medieval Re-enactment Society chairman who lives with his mother. Before you pull the plug and signal your best friend to make that “emergency call” so you can make a hasty beeline for the exit, read the WAGs’ (hopefully helpful) guidelines for knowing whether your date is Mr. I’ll-see-you-again or Mr. One-date-was-enough-FOREVER.

1) The first fifteen minutes were going great. That is, until Cindy – your very blonde and very buxom waitress – brings over the water for the table. Suddenly your date’s eyes are no longer on your baby blues but are glued to Cindy’s damn jugs. And no, he’s not parched from running a marathon. The jury is split on this one; whilst we do think men tend to be visual creatures, the first date is pretty early to be checking out other talent. Though it could be a harmless habit (maybe he’s a nervous character or maybe he’s wanted by the cops!?), it can also be a sign of possible obstacles to come. If it becomes clear that he just can’t help but look at anything that’s breathing, has breasts and wearing a short skirt – it’s time to grab yourself a cab. Alone.

2) Dan is charming, well dressed and devilishly handsome…and he also happened to dissect and debate every last cent on your dinner bill when it finally comes. Was that extra scoop of ice cream his or yours? Did they really charge for water? And what do they mean the breadsticks are included in the service charge!? Oh Dan – you were doing so well. We’re clear on this one: no one likes a cheap skate on the first date – or going forward. Whilst we don’t consider ourselves gold-diggers, a calculating and stingy attitude can be a real turn off….and we doubt it will get any better by date No. 2.

3) When he checked his phone the first time, you didn’t take notice. The second, you asked if everything was okay at home. By the tenth, you were convinced he would rather be anywhere else but here. Frankly, if he can’t make you a priority on the first date, he’s probably never going to get the Lifelong Partnership Award. Unless his house is on fire, he has a critically ill aunt or Scruffy-the-dog is suicidal when left alone for more than an hour, you may not want to arrange that second date unless you’re prepared for another three-way with him and his Blackberry.

4) It’s an hour into your date and you know all about his life story, his family’s history of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (WHAT!?) and his Uncle Herbert’s penchant for paisley ties and well done steak. Oddly enough, you haven’t got past your name and the fact you work in HR. Hmmm – he might just be a tiny bit self-involved. Whilst confidence is key and a good talker is entertaining, there should be room for breathing and acknowledging the fact that this is a date and not a one way monologue. Ditch now or forever hold your peace.

5) Unless this guy is Michael Fassbender from Jane Eyre (in which case, tie us up and call us Jane!), sexual deviants are a big no-no. I’m eating lasagna for f**ks sake; I don’t want to hear how you want to bend me over a table the second you get a chance. This reminds us of a date one of us had…and no, it didn’t end well. While some sexual tension à la Christian Grey is very exciting, it sounds to us like this could fizzle very quickly if we can’t make it five seconds into the date without sexual innuendo.

So there you go, the WAGs guide to that all important first date. Hopefully our insight has been somewhat helpful in navigating this sometimes scary territory. Most importantly, let loose, be yourself and trust your instincts. May the odds forever be in your favour!

Contributed by the WAGs, Sophie and Aleks – Singaporean and American, two good friends with a penchant for making fools of themselves in public. Together they navigate living abroad, regularly hand out unsolicited advice on lifestyle, beauty and fashion and what it truly means to be a fabulous WAG. Check out their website, Like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and Twitter and watch them on YouTube…

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015


Live Like Picasso—Even If Only For A Few Nights

Picasso Live Like Picasso—Even If Only For A Few Nights

If you’re within the same walls Picasso once painted within, then you’re bound to be surrounded by greatness—even if only in spirit. But, at The Serras Luxury Boutique Hotel, situated in what was once Picasso’s first studio in Barcelona, the greatness isn’t just in the spirit of the place. It’s in the design and in the details. It really is something special, and I’m sure that’s just how owner Jordi Serra imagined the hotel placed right in his hometown, his “favorite city,” would be.

The hotel is situated along the waterfront in Central Barcelona and has awe-inspiring views from its rooftop terrace, the same views that once inspired Pablo Picasso himself, no doubt.

And as if your view from the outside wasn’t quite good enough, it only gets better as you step inside the hotel, originally built in 1846.

The interiors by Eva Martinez are sleek with modern finishings, but still inviting. The idea is for you to feel at your most comfortable here, in any of the 30 rooms and suites they have available.

Keeping with the theme of comfort, each guest will be assigned a Guest Relations Manager that will plan the guest’s entire stay. And with flexible check-in/check-out rules and meal times—did I mention—you’ll be comfortable there.

So, if you want to travel in style and comfort that also happens steeped in history, you’ll book a stay at The Serras Luxury Boutique Hotel, opening January 2015. Visit here to book your stay now with rooms starting around $150 USD per night.

— Augusta Statz

Picasso Hotel 604x632 Live Like Picasso—Even If Only For A Few Nights

Picasso Hotel Room 544x632 Live Like Picasso—Even If Only For A Few Nights

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Fashion, London, POSHGLAM

Mimi, It’s Always A Holliday

Mimi Holliday 3 Mimi, Its Always A Holliday
Mimi Holliday’s fresh take on intimates reminds us of how wonderful and refreshing it is to slip into a great pair of delicate undies. Fashion forward designs, feminine silhouettes and intricate detail allow the collection to make us feel sexy and comfortable in our second skin.

Falling in love with their collection a few seasons ago while scouring for lingerie that was tasteful, well designed yet still comfortable and youthful. Mimi Holliday’s brilliant upstaging of other lingerie brands minus the boring or stuffy, creates the perfect spin on sexy meets subtle.

There’s nothing like putting on a well cut bra and panty set to make you feel like a lady and they spare no detail. Stretch silk meets sensual embellishments, the British brand makes one swoon with adoration.

Not your mother’s bra and panties, youthful and fun yet sophisticated and sweet. Mimi Holliday draws you in to their fairytale with carefully constructed silhouettes and beautiful palettes of harmonious hues.

Always forward, this fashion house leaves no element behind. Serving as a great resource for larger busted women wanting designer intimates without having to go the traditional route. With size ranges from 28AA-40GG in bras, and a number of different styles in bottoms to accompany: including knickers, bikinis, and a number of thongs–we’re impressed with their assortment. Not only do they design for a broad range of sizes, they consider every body type when creating their pieces.

We’re celebrating Mimi Holliday Lingerie–making every moment worn, an affair to remember.

*Product was provided for review

Mimi Holliday 2 Mimi, Its Always A Holliday

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Monday, December 1st, 2014

Luxury, New York, POSHGLAM

Alex Geana’s First Solo Show. Intended Consequences

Alex Geana 785x507 Alex Geana’s First Solo Show. Intended Consequences
I wanted to make a show about money and power, because it’s so relevant to New York City, as people from all over the world buy midtown apartments that they’ll never step foot in. It seems like we’ve already forgotten the crazy that happened just five years ago, a new-gilded ages is forming, right after the old gilded age popped. Luxury, luxury, luxury !!!

Yet we’re more uncertain, afraid with our mortality showing, wealth is being used as a weapon by oligarchs and moguls with too many toys. We’re all affected. The unique thing about bodies of work that encompass wealth, is that’s it’s a highly relatable theme. The picture is as much about the person’s relationship to wealth and perception to money as the picture.

The YBA ( Young British Artists ) dealt with the topic in the eighties, but few American artists have tried taking it head on. The skull itself has been repurposed by Damien Hirst. While Richard Prince simply pulls other people’s instagram photos and charges a bundle. We’re in this age of re-appropriation and repackaging. From Credit Default Swap to art. We need it to understand what we’re viewing.

I’ve become obsessed with rephotograpy. Yet want to do it with my own photography. I feel like it’s quite lazy for an artist to use someone else’s work and call it their own. It’s expensive to constantly print and reprint a picture.

I will have a gold skull in the show. I added the paint, inlay and foil myself. It’s going to be in the center of the room, in many of the pictures and part of the shows underlying theme. The goal is to create a big print of the skull itself. Titling it “You will compare me to Damien Hirst. I am not Damine Hirst.”

This show is me acting out. Being rebellious taking a massive risk and challenging notion. I love doing my commercial work, yet wanted to challenge myself and an audience.

I want to work with artifacts from Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, try to gain access to fabulous spaces. It all takes money. Because I’m an emerging artist, I can’t rely on past sales to fund future work. That’s where kickstarter comes in, I wanted to sell prints from the show and a book, so people can have them the day off. It gives me funds to make the work truly stunning an amazing.

It takes a shocking amount of money to make good art. There’s going to be a lot of attention to detail in the print making process and very little of the work will be made to be friendly on the web. I want people who purchase a print, to know that a lot of reprinting and getting it just right, went into the production. There needs to be more detail in the print, then in the online presence of the print.

Lastly all the work will be destroyed. All The work that doesn’t find a collector that is. Because we view content as something that’s evergreen, fine art is something that seems so constant, with so many shows and so much work out there. I wanted to create a fine moment of dramatic distraction.

See Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1336419097/alex-geanas-first-solo-show-intended-consequences

Alex Geana has covered over 500 fashion shows in his career with commercial clients that include Donna Karan, HBO and Cointreau. He has been published across the web and in print. His fine art work is in private collections and in two museums.

Alex’s photography has been published in the book Daphne Guinness by the Yale University Press, and exhibited by the Leslie Lohman Museum, The Museum at FIT, Chair and the Maiden Gallery, and the School of Visual Arts.

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