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Holiday Hot Spots for Travel

Gulfstream3 Holiday Hot Spots for TravelNext time you’re waiting in an overcrowded airport terminal for your delayed flight to appear back on the board, imagine the possibilities of chartering a private jet directly where you need to go. Access to remote locations, zero wait time and complete control over your itinerary are just the beginning – and the luxurious possibilities are endless.

Thanks to our friends at evoJets, a posh private jet company offering private jet service in New York, Aspen and everywhere in between, we can do more than just imagine.

With the holiday and winter travel season on the horizon, most affluent travelers are beginning to consider which glamorous remote islands to jet off to and where the best powder skiing will be.

Read on to see where the nation’s elite travelers will be spending the holidays and this upcoming winter season.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The largest of the BVIs and typical entry point for private jets and super-yachts, Tortola’s Road Town is the capital of the archipelago and attracts an abundance of wealthy travelers all year round. Lush green mountains overlay pristine sandy white beaches, with a rich international landscape of high-end boutiques, luxury resorts and gorgeous seaside properties.

Weather in NYC taking a turn for the cold? No problem! Charter a beautiful Challenger 300 supermidsize jet for around $60k round-trip and be there in just 4hrs flat. It’s like flying in your living room, but your personal flight attendant fluffs your pillows for you.

Philipsburg, St Maarten

The Dutch portion of Saint Martin, comprising the lower half of the island, is Sint Maarten. Philipsburg is the capital of this Caribbean oasis and plays host to thousands of wealthy international travelers from around the world. With one of the most impressive natural harbors in all of the Caribbean, Philipsburg welcomes hundreds of cruise ships and mega-yachts to its shores every month. A main draw of St. Maarten is easy access to nearby St. Baart’s, a short boat ride or plane hop to the southeast.

Direct flights to St. Maarten and St. Baart’s from anywhere in the northeast US can range from $20-$40k each way.

Aspen, CO

Perhaps the most coveted location for affluent travelers in all of the United States is Aspen. Home to $25-million dollar slope-side estates on some of the country’s finest ski resorts, this gem in the Rocky Mountain region has exuded wealth and exclusivity for nearly 100yrs. Aspen-Pitkin airport sees some of the highest private jet traffic in the world, with celebrities, billionaires and CEOs comprising the guest lists of many of this quaint little ski town’s upscale restaurants and lavish hotels.

Charter jets to Aspen can range anywhere from $10-20k from Los Angeles and $20-$30k+ from NYC each way. But hey, it beats flying to Denver and renting a car for the treacherous 4hr drive through the mountains, right?

Vancouver, British Columbia

Most commonly known for its heralded ski resort, Whistler, Vancouver is the largest city in Western Canada. Breathtaking bay views sheltered from the Pacific Ocean are viewable from all over this emerald metropolis. Rich wildlife and rustic mountain charm border the sleek modern streets of the city. Sprawling resorts and luxury properties dot the mountains to the north and Vancouver Island to the east.

Private jets from New York for a 5-day round-trip to Vancouver typically run anywhere from $50-70k, with plenty of room for friends and all the ski equipment you can fit aboard.

Click here to learn more about the glamorous world of private jet travel.

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Screen Shot 2014 10 29 at 12.46.11 PM 785x420 #POSHGLAM On Instagram

So, we’ve been pretty active on instagram lately, tagging our favorite brands, quotes and celebs. Now, we’re inviting you to get in on the POSHGLAM instagram action! After days of filling the feed with #POSHGLAM posts, we would like for you to tag your most POSHGLAM photo with the hashtag #POSHGLAM and follow us, so it will show up on our aggregation.

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Saturday, October 25th, 2014

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Remembering Oscar de la Renta |

Screen Shot 2014 10 25 at 9.16.28 AM 583x632 Remembering Oscar de la Renta |

“My role as a designer is to make a woman feel her very best” – Oscar de la Renta. 1932 – 2014

To mark the passing of the master of elegance who dressed every First Lady since Jackie Kennedy, we take a look back to when Oscar de la Renta met Lisa Armstrong:

Anna Wintour telephoned Oscar de la Renta twice during our interview: the two are old friends and, it seems, as thick as thieves. Yet perhaps wisely, America’s master of elegance declined to be drawn on whether the editor of US Vogue was, as rumoured, instrumental in his decision to hire Dior’s fallen designer John Galliano.

The announcement that Galliano was joining the house, albeit initially only for three weeks, came last Friday. There are plenty who consider it a little soon for the disgraced designer to be publicly resurrected (see panel below). But de la Renta doesn’t give a hoot what the plenty think. He will be 81 this year and has had a brush with cancer, but has a posture worthy of Baryshnikov in tailoring worthy of Savile Row (in fact, the impeccable three-piece he is wearing when we meet comes, as do all his suits, from Spain). He looks as fit as a flea. READ MORE HERE

Photo Credit: Hayden Williams Illustrations

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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Re-Invent Your Life! Palm Surgery on the Rise In Japan

palm surgery Re Invent Your Life! Palm Surgery on the Rise In Japan

Cosmetic surgery is growing more popular in Japan with an increasing demand for palm surgery. The people who want this procedure are doing so with the hopes that it will change their future in accordance with the ancient art of palmistry. 

What is Palm Surgery? explain that Palm surgery alters natural palm lines through cosmetic surgery and is performed with an electric scalpel that burns the skin. The procedure reportedly costs ¥ 100,000 (£700) and is growing popular in Japan at an increasing rate. Many Japanese people are strong believers of the ancient art of palmistry which is the reading of someone’s destiny based on the lines on the palm of their hands. Those who are unhappy with what their current palm lines can them opt for palm surgery in an attempt to alter their destinies.

Growing Popularity

Palmistry is hugely popular in Japanese culture and palm readers can charge well over £50 to their customers. The rise in palm surgery however indicates that people are standing up to their supposed destinies and are altering the lines of their palms with the hope that this will sway their future. MYA have released an article that thoroughly explains palm surgery further and explains why it has become so popular, particularly in Japan. The surgeon Dr Matsuoaka says that the surgeon doing the operation must “make a shaky incision on purpose, because palm lines are never completely straight” which proves just how serious surgeons are taking this new craze.

Can it Change your Destiny?

An interesting trend has sprung up regarding palm surgery with men and women both opting for longer lines but for very different reasons. Women tend to want their love or marriage line made longer whereas men wish to have their money and success line extended. Despite the different alterations their motive remains the same, to change their future, but does it work?

The effect of the procedure altering your fortunes, is of course uncertain but many people who have undergone the surgery claim that their luck has changed since their palm lines have been altered. It will be intriguing to see what 2014 has in store for the cosmetic surgery industry and whether or not these latest trends continue to spread worldwide.

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Saturday, October 18th, 2014

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Tom Ford, Open Bouquet | Cafe Rose

CAFE ROSE Tom Ford Tom Ford, Open Bouquet | Cafe Rose
Iconic American fashion designer Tom Ford knows a thing or two about smelling good. It’s rumored that he enjoys bathing, quite often; some say even up to four times a day. Thus when a bottle of his Cafe Rose Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz, $215) recently fell into my lap (gifted) I was intrigued and pleasantly engaged. On one part questioning does Ford bath in parfum, and on the other enticed as I’m quite fond of anything that contains elements of rose. Café Rose is part of a series of four fragrances’ comprised in Jardin Noir, which are said to represent the ‘darker’ and more ‘thrilling’ side of the flowers: hyacinth, rose, lily and narcissus. Essentially three precious rose essences ballet with striking spices and coffee to make up the aromas of Café Rose. The notes unravel with saffron, black pepper and Rose de Mai at the top, and continue with middle notes of Turkish rose oil and Bulgarian rose and then finish with base notes of incense, resin, amber, sandalwood and patchouli.

Exploring the opening bouquet invites the olfactory sense into a light fresh and sugary rose smell that moves toward a large dose of white musk and smoky incense. The white musk is rather substantial initially, yet decreases over time where tiny elements of coffee and incense emerge. Overall this is not too rich of a composition; it’s well-blended, even and not overly sweet-smelling. The projection is long-lasting; I smelled remains of it the subsequent morning. Since a fragrance is reasonably one on one with your body chemistry and with any of the five senses individual recollections arrive; it is relevant to sample Cafe Rose. Perhaps one of the four Jardin Noir blooms will conjure up an individual aroma personally to suit your style.

Bonus buy: unique to Tom Ford parfum this scent is unisex; it is just ‘another’ something special to share with your lover.

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