3 Favorite Anti-Aging Moisture Surgers, From Day to Night

Anti Aging
Experts agree, the key to keeping your skin young and elastic is adequate moisture, exfoliation and sunscreen. Although, adding an anti-aging product to your daily routine makes a huge difference as well. Three of my personal favorites include Advanced Time Zone Night by Estee, Hydroxatone AM/PM and invigorating night gel by Ole Henrickson.

Funny, my skin has gotten better with age, why? I’m a true believer in serums, topical skin vitamins, detoxing the body and manifesting healthy skin from within via diet and topically treating it as the largest most important organ we host.

The intensive daytime/nighttime care by Hydroxatone® is an AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex for Sensitive Skin and helps to reduces the appearance of wrinkles and hydrate otherwise parched dermis. Advanced Time Zone Night by Estee Lauder is a miraculous overnight product for waking up radiant with taught morning new-skin and a rejuvenated appearance pre-daily regime.

Ole Henrickson has created the perfect invigorating night gel, that helps to surface fresh skin and works as a chemical exfoliant for overnight, new day brilliance. It was created to work in synergy with the body’s natural repair system, as an oil-free lightweight gel containing a concentrated complex of alpha hydroxy acids that will help with waking up to a more luminous complexion. Both nourishing and remineralizing vitamins and botanicals help to hydrate the deepest layers of the skin, while smoothing and refining the surface texture for noticeably firmer and flawless skin.


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