POSHGLAM mostly caters to emerging luxury brands and new, talented designers.

POSHGLAM continues to set the standard for what’s new and emerging in the world of Fashion Marketing and Social Media. Aside from offering exciting and pertinent news on the next generation of fashion designers and brands, POSHGLAM also covers events, trends, fashion happenings around the world and local information pertaining to the different fashion markets—making it a great place to browse, shop, and discover new brands.

POSHGLAM’s diverse group of writers—with loads of personality and varying tastes—give POSHGLAM a witty tone that equally matches the attitude that accompanies a true style maven, and helps the reader gain a greater knowledge of luxury emerging brands from a fashion gossip’s perspective.

The catchy name is what draws most readers in, and they stay due to the engaging tone and overabundance of original content on fashion and industry specific information.

POSHGLAM covers well-known brands but its roots are purposefully placed in the emerging market, with the belief that raw talent is at the center of every trend. The POSHGLAM team has a strong belief in honing the skill set of newer designers and helping them to establish themselves by displaying their exciting, truly original work to the public on the newly launched blog. Whether the feature is an established handbag line, or a newly sewn collection of fabulous garments, POSHGLAM helps promote artistic expression through fashion and the arts and makes the hard-to-find well known.